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We have developed a bunch of projects. Most of them because we needed them and others just for fun.

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    Skymorph is primarily an optimization service that significantly improves the performance of a web site. It is developed to tackle some of the more difficult recommendations from Google page speed and YSlow.

    It will make sure your site weigh as little as possible (reducing number of bytes), limit the number of http-requests needed and also make sure static resouces are loaded from a CDN.

    Minify, combine and compress script-files (.js and .css)
    Web optimize and alter images
    Serve resources from a CDN

  • Visit is a service that lets you easily transform any information on a website to a usable xml/json API. The service is open for anyone to use, if it is to extract data from someone else's site or if you want to offer your own visitors/users an API to your site. If you know a bit of XML and XSLT it doesn't take much time at all to configure an API for any imaginable site.

    Easily create an API based on an web site
    Manage users and licences
    Simple documentation

    Extra is partially founded by Internetfonden (part of The Swedish Internet Infrastructure Foundation - .SE)

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    AuthService is a cloud service for user handling. When you want/need to separate user information from other data or when you just need a really small and simple user database this is the solution for you.

    This simple login service handles all traffic over a secure connection and all passwords are hashed with a large salt to reduce the risk of user passwords being compromised.

    Separate user information and other data
    All traffic with SSL over HTTP
    Salted and hashed passwords

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    This is a Swedish site where you can sell your used stuff that you don't need any more. There are numerous sites that does the same but the advantage with Bugmarket is that it is integrated with a bunch of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Bugmarket also makes sure that your ads are published on other sites where potential buyers are.

    The beauty is not only that you can use Bugmarket to publish your ads in different social medias, but the fact that you can control your ads in one place while having them published in many makes it easy to handle. If you for example alter the price or if your item is sold it automatically reflects on all places where Bugmarket has published the ad. On Facebook there are plenty of buy & sell groups you can join, with Bugmarket you can choose to publish your ads both to your wall as well as any group you're a member of.

    Sell used stuff, like an online flee market
    Automatically share ads in social media

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    In ancient time people were quite good at deciding when and where to meet, but after the introduction of cell phones this, once so important, knowledge seems to have been forgotten. aims to make it easier to meet up somewhere even if you failed to decide where and when and also in those situations when it's difficult to explain the "where"-part, like if you're visiting places you never been before.

    With Shareloc you can easily share your location to one or multiple people. Everyone invited to view you location will also be visible on the same map so that you can see exactly where the others are. As long as you're viewing the map the positions will be continuously updated. Apart from sharing your location you can of course mark out other locations on the map, like "let's meet there".

    Find and share your location
    Collaborate on shared map

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    The intention with Whatsupdated is to make it easy for programmers to keep track of when programs, frameworks, libraries and such gets updated. It will use to extract version information from various websites that someone wants to monitor. Users can then subscribe to any number of things they want to monitor and when ever something gets updated the user will be notified.

  • was once upon a time use for something completely different. It was used as an image sharing web site for one of Sweden's largest (and best) youth organizations. The idea came in 2003 when I was one of the leaders on a Christmas-trip. We were around 20 people who travelled to Egypt to take a diving certificate and to learn more about how to be a good and caring friend when someone needs support. The base purpose of the trips was actually so that youngsters from dysfunctional families would have the opportunity to have a nice Christmas experience in contrast to the drinking and fighting they often got at home. But that is a completely different story...

    When diving and doing all the fun stuff people started asking each other "Can you send me your pictures somehow?" and from that I got the idea to set up a website where everyone could share and comment their pictures. The website was active for a couple of years and members of the organization kept posting and sharing pictures from various seminars, trips and activities. The site was closed down when other better services for image sharing started to appear. I was glad that it filled a purpose for a couple of years =)

    Share pictures from events
    Comment and collaborate


    This was a small (and fun) project that was intended for home cinema geeks. Quite some time ago we were some friend that frequently gathered up at my place to watch some movies. Every time it was the same discussion of what to watch, explaining what different movies was about and such. Solution was of course to build a cinema website with IMDB-integration. The site contained a list of all movies I had and showed rankings, synopsis and trailers fetched from IMDB. My friends could at any time "request" a movie night from the site which would generate an SMS to me. They could also vote for movies and of course "book" where they wanted to sit, just like a normal booking system for a cinema. When booking they got a confirmation SMS... My friends even surprised me by making a promotional video for my "Cinema". It's nice to be geeky sometimes!

    List all your movies
    Get movie information and trailers from IMDB
    Request show and book seat

And our services!

Apart from building smart solutions that others can use, you can also hire us to develop or analyze things for you!

  • Performance analysis

    As your site's speed and performance will impact on your conversions and have impact on your visitors general experience of your site (and brand) it is important to analyse how you can increase the performance and decrease the loading time of your site. Just as you can hire an SEO-expert to help you get better rankings with the search engines you can also hire me to find out how you can make your site go faster.

    Even though the focus is on performance the analysis also includes how well your site follow standards and best practices.

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  • Need an API?

    If you have a website with interesting data that you would like to share with others so that they can build smart solutions (like apps, mobile web sites etc.), please contact me! With the help of I can help you to get started with an API in no time and before you know it someone has used it to build that really smart app that you didn't think of yourself.

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  • Your own dream

    Do you have a great idea for a project but no one to build it for you? We have a long experience in developing different type of solutions, so if you have the idea we can help you realize it!

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